Top iPhone 4/4s Jailbreaks

by admin on February 1, 2014

Hey all! Hope all is well today!

I have gotten a lot of emails regarding jailbreaking the iPhone 4/4s the past couple weeks. A lot of you have been facing the same thing I went through when I first started, a lengthy maze of useless information on the net. Luckily I have put all that behind me since I found a few good sites to use, so I wanted to share them with you today and make things a bit easier for you.

Before I get into that though, just a word to the wise: if you are not a huge technology nerd please do not try to jailbreak your phone yourself! There are a lot of dodgy sites out there with how to guides that tell you how to jailbreak with no assistance. Some of them work, but they are pretty complicated for the layman. On top of that, they can be risky. If you make just one little mistake or misstep, you risk completely bricking up your iPhone 4/4s. What that means is you could lose all of your apps, contacts, and everything else on your phone – basically making it as useful as a paperweight (or a brick, hence it’s called “bricking your phones”).

To be safe you should always use a trusted software site to jailbreak your iPhone. I have 3 top software choices to share with you that I tested and can comfortably trust and recommend them to you. The jailbreaks take only a few minutes and you don’t have to worry about making any mistakes. Even if you do mess up, which is not likely, you have customer support to fall back on. so, no risk and no worries.

Top iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S Jailbreaks

So here are my top picks, in order from the best to second and third best.

#1 iJailbreak Pro (Best iPhone 4/4s Jailbreak)

I have used iJailbreak Pro many times since I found it – which was just recently. It very quickly rose above my other 2 picks to become my fave. This site is definitely the cream of the crop! The best part- the jailbreak takes less than 5 minutes to complete (usually 3 to 4 minutes in my experience). That is super fast!

Not only that, but you also get an unlock with your jailbreak. Most sites only offer one, and if they offer the other you have to pay separately. So getting both for the price of one is a nice big bonus.

If you are unsure of what an unlock is, it means you get to choose any carrier you want, without switching contracts. All you have to do is switch your SIM card. So the company you got your iPhone through doesn’t get to tell you when, where and how you use your phone. This of course allows you to save money on your monthly fees and rates, which is sweeeet :)

iJailbreak pro offers a 30 day money back guarantee and a lifetime membership. Basically, this mean there is no risk involved when you jailbreak your phone. And because you get a lifetime membership, you can jailbreak new ios versions as they come out without paying any extra fees.

Customer support is where iJailbreakpro really shines. The guy I talked to was really nice and was able to answer all of my questions. I never felt rushed and he offered a lot of little tidbits that have really helped me out. So far they have been available immediately any time I have needed to contact them.

The price is on point. They may be a couple dollars more than the others listed here, but their money back guarantee, lifetime membership and great customer service are easily worth the difference.

So all in all, with a good price, quick jailbreak, and great customer service I give them 10 out of 10! Check them out here.


#2 Apple Unlocker

This really isn’t a bad site. I used them many times before I found iJailbreak Pro and most of the time I was fairly satisfied with the jailbreak. They DO have a couple of drawbacks.

First off let’s talk about time. Apple Unlocker definitely takes a bit longer to complete the jailbreak, around 20 minutes or so.  I guess that’s ok, but I just get nervous having my device undergoing a jailbreak as I know until the process is complete the device is in a fragile state and so would prefer to finish the entire thing sooner.

Secondly, their customer service didn’t score any points with me. If you should need them they won’t be readily available. I’ve sent an e-mail and had to wait around for a day or so before they even got back in touch with me. Not cool. I like these things to happen on the spot. They do not list a phone number so you will have to reach them via email.

I guess you can use these guys if you need a jailbreak and for some reason iJailbreakpro’s site is down.

I give them a 7 out of 10. They aren’t bad, but not the best. Check them out here.

#3 iJailbreak Tool

I include this one only because I know that it is safer than some of the hacker sites out there. For me it is a fallback. It’s that sort of break glass in case of emergency kind of thing. I would use them only if the other 2 sites I listed were down for some reason and not expected to come back up for a while. The software does work without the risk of bricking your phone, but take heed a couple of warnings.

First off, these guys are the slowest jailbreak in town at the moment, clocking an easy 30 minutes. Not horrible, but I’m a busy guy, and have better things to do then watch my iPhone getting jailbroken. A quick solution that works as well (like iJailbreakpro) is simply better.

Secondly, Beware of customer service. They do have a phone number listed to contact them, but it’s all the way in India. That really put a bad taste in my mouth (I never called to test their line, so who knows). Plus, when you have to contact them via email, the person who writes you back clearly does not speak native English. So communication is difficult at best.

Speaking of broken English, the instructions aren’t too clear either. They are written in the same broken English you get with customer service. This made for some frustration as I wasn’t sure what the next step to follow was at some point and then had to wait for their customer service to answer me…. Baaaah.

Honestly, as I said before, the software works. It is reliable software. But be prepared for a bit of frustration and make sure you don’t have any other plans before you use it, because you might be sitting around for a while.

I give them 5 out of 10. Decent price but not decent service.


In Summary

If reading the above was too much for you – let me give you the bottom line.

I wholeheartedly recommend iJailbreakpro as the best jailbreak solution for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. Their jailbreak works quick, it’s a reputable company with a 30 day money back guarantee, and their customer support is quick and responsive. Use the others only if you have to.


That’s all for me today! Peace out!



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Jailbreaking Your iPhone 4S: Is It Safe?

by admin on February 1, 2014


What Jailbreaking Will Do

Jailbreaking iPhone 4S increases the device’s functionality. If you want to jailbreak your iPhone 4S you have joined the millions of people who want their iPhone 4S modified. With the current trends in technology, there are several ways to easily and quickly jailbreak your iPhone. With the process successfully completed, you can access additional features and applications with your iPhone and those that you would never have accessed without jailbreaking.

Securing Your Data

To ensure the best of your iPhone 4S, you should purchase a suitable jailbreaking software from a credible online store. With this software installed in your iPhone 4S, proceed to back up and synchronize all your data. This is to avoid any risks that come when firmware fail to interpret instructions accordingly resulting to loss of data.

To enable successful jailbreaking, you should have tools for the modification and these tools can be purchased from online iOS stores. After purchasing, the application is thereafter easily downloadable by simply clicking on the download button and the download process will automatically begin.

The Jailbreaking Process

Once downloaded, the application takes charge of your iPhone 4S modification. Upon successful completion of the process, a pop up app, Cydia, is expected to show up. You are required to click on OK so as to return to the springboard. Being an invented device and the phone having undergone a modification process, a problem may arise and this should not be a cause of panic. In the event of such reaction which occurs in very rare occasions, you should simply reboot your device and it will function perfectly.

Yet another way to jailbreak your iPhone is by following the outlined steps below:

1. Back up all your files to ensure you do not incur any losses when you jailbreak your iPhone 4S.

2. Purchase credible software and install it into your device.

3. You are then expected to decompress the recently downloaded file until the evasion window is seen.

4. Drag the application to your desktop and allow sometime for the application to launch.

5. After you have connected your iPhone 4S device, find the jailbreak button and click on it. Allow the software to access information in your phone. By doing this, your device will be synchronized and the jailbreak will perform to its maximum.

6. The device will reboot and during this session, do not interfere with the rebooting process. At this time, your device is preparing for modification. Just as the previous method, Cydia will install.

7. After the installation of Cydia, you can always take advantage of applications availed to you by the jailbreaking process.

Enjoying The Benefits

Jailbreaking your iPhone 4S by this processes is easy. Upon the completion of the whole process, you will have access to additional features that cannot be accessed by an iPhone that is not jailbroken. Some of the features that can be accessed include, intelligent personal assistant. Jailbreak your iPhone 4S today to access additional features. Your device will work better and more effectively.


Is It Legal To Jailbreak An iPhone 4S?

by admin on February 1, 2014


You might have come across the word jailbreak and wondered what it has to do with iPhones. Jailbreak is the process of doing away with all the restrictions that come with apple devices. The restrictions are made to ensure that you don’t get access to certain applications, games and networks during the operation of your iPhone. You are also restricted from changing the general appearance of your iOS hence you have to remain with the old look that comes with the phone. Jailbreak is the best way out in avoiding these restrictions and will enable you access different networks, games and applications from various sources.

The question most iPhone users ask is – is it legal to jailbreak an iPhone 4S? Jailbreak is a legal process and no one will arrest you for evading the restrictions. However, don’t make use of an unlock code previously owned or used by someone else. It is simply a method of enjoying other utilities and applications without restrictions from the Apple Company. Statistics show that only a minority of about 10% have ever used jailbreak for iPhone 4S. This might easily make you think that jailbreak is a hard process. You will only need five minutes to unlock your iPhone 4S regardless of whether you are an expert or a novice. If you get any problems during the process, you can simply contact the support team and get instant assistance.

There are two basic types of jailbreak which you can use for your iPhone 4S – tethered jailbreak and untethered jailbreak. If you are a novice in cracking the iPhone 4S then you should use untethered jailbreak which comes with a user guide. You will be able to reboot your phone without any complications and enjoy the freedom of using different applications and networks. On the other hand, tethered jailbreak means that you will have to restore jailbreak every time you restart your phone. Most amateurs will find this process tedious hence should use the other option.

There are numerous benefits of jailbreaking your iPhone 4S. First of all you will be able to access the root firmware of your device hence change the appearance of the iOS. Cracking enables you to install different applications from other sources apart from Apple without much struggle. You will also get access to various networks which were initially restricted by the manufacturer. Jailbreak simply makes the iPhone experience much more fun, enjoyable and free from restrictions. Don’t forget the fact that you can install various games which were initially restricted.

You will need to follow a series of steps in order to successfully crack your iPhone 4S. First ensure that you have backed up all your data in an external source such as a computer or tablet. This will save you from losing valuable data during the process. Connect your phone to a computer and start the jailbreak process. Also disable the unlock code before you start the various steps. You can check for the latest updates of the jailbreak for better results. If you wish to enjoy various applications and networks on your iPhone 4S, then its time you made use of Jailbreak.



iPhone 4S jailbreaking is a great solution for those people who want to get more from their iPhone 4S, but they cannot get it because of the limitation that Apple imposes on its iOS. Jailbreaking not only remove this limitation, but offers many other things to use that increase the entire user experience, then also many users and iPhone 4S owners are there who do not go for iPhone 4S jailbreaking because they believe the top myths about iPhone 4S Jailbreaking that are spread across the internet. In order to make you aware about the fact of iPhone 4s jailbreaking here are some Top myths about iPhone 4S Jailbreaking and actual fact related to those myths.

Top myths about iPhone 4S Jailbreaking claim it will decrease the network capability of your iPhone.

This is just a myth because iPhone 4S Jailbreaking do not make any changes in the hardware of your phone. It is just an alteration of the software that unlocks only software features of your iPhone that you cannot access in iPhone. Other than that it also gives you liberty to use your iPhone as you want and it does not affect any of the hardware feature of your iPhone 4S.

Top myths about iPhone 4S Jailbreaking claim it you will not be able to access Apple’s app store after jailbreaking your iPhone.

This is another myth on which you do not to believe because many iPhone 4S owners are downloading and installing iPhone 4S app from the Apple store after jailbreaking their iPhone and the best thing is that they not only use app store from Apple, but they use and download apps from other app stores as well.

Top myths about iPhone 4S Jailbreaking it is illegal to jailbreak an iPhone.

This myth has nothing to do with reality because there are no laws that can support this myth. It is not a violation of any law to jailbreak an iPhone and you are free to use it as long as you are not downloading and installing any pirated applications on it.

Top myths about iPhone 4S Jailbreaking say it will void your warranty.

If you are not jailbreaking your iPhone 4S because you are worried about warranty then you don’t have to worry about it because it will not void the warranty of your iPhone 4S. The software changes that you do in jailbreaking can be reversed easily and it makes no effect on the hardware so that means it will not void any warranty from your iPhone.

Top myths about iPhone 4S Jailbreaking say is very costly.
The fact is that it does not cost a lot of money to jailbreak an iPhone 4S. The money that you need to invest for jailbreaking is fairly acceptable and very much affordable so if you are resisting yourself because of this myth just don’t worry and go for the jailbreaking.

The above myths about iPhone 4S jailbreaking are only few of the top myths and so many other myths are still there that we have never heard of. So if you encounter with a new Myth about iPhone 4s Jailbreaking, do not believe it before doing some research.


Jailbreaking: Legal Or Illegal?

by admin on February 1, 2014


The term jailbreaking is the process of removing the sandbox protections from the Apple mobile that is placed in iOS products. The basic or the primary purpose is to enable the users to install non-reviewed software that are on the users iOS devices. Secondly, it enables the users to access those files that are normally not allowed to access. This generally opens up all sorts of possibilities that will customize the iOS system. Most of the technically inclined users find liberation in these sorts of things and generally loathe being closed into the sandboxed device.

One needs to be aware of jailbroken or jailbreaking if the individual owns an iPhone 4s or an iPod. The term refers to the act of removing the regulations and limitations that are governed by Apple’s iOS system. That means if one is removing any software restriction Apple will put on their devices. By doing this, the users of the iPhones 4s are no longer subjected to the Apple’s censorship. They can also download and use the contents that are not licensed by Apple. The question that arises in maximum people’s mind is that whether it is legal or not. The answer is yes it is absolutely legal. Apple tried to file a case for this as it violates the laws of copyright but the case was overthrown. Most of the people use jail breaking so as to download the illegal contents. This is why sometimes this is considered as illegal. But putting this aside, jail breaking can be sometimes beneficial to everyone. Before moving to any conclusion one should have a close view on the topic.

Starting with the pros:

Sometimes one needs to download certain applications from the third party or documents that are not approved in the app stores.
The user interface can be completely customized by the user.

For the Cons:

The warranty will expire by this. So one can’t claim for it as Apple does not cover the jailbroken devices.

There is no assurance for the software. Apple does not provide any assurance regarding the software after the jailbreaking. Since there remains no assurance so one cannot be able to analyze the harmful and dangerous sites that are not to be visited. This increases the security risk.

There is another chance that the operating system gets unstable.

Now the question is whether jailbreaking is worth it or not? There are certain benefits regarding the freedom and certain drawbacks. Now the decision remains with the user whether to opt for jailbreaking or not. Apple spends millions of dollars for both research and development of the product and ensures that the quality should be maintained. But by bypassing the entire process, the user increases the risk of getting some malicious software that can harm the iPhone 4s and even the operating system of the mobile. But one can also potentially distract from the overall satisfaction of using the product. Apart from all this one should know and keep in mind that Apple products are generally reliable because of their quality. So this additional feature makes the product different from all other products present in the market.


Benefits Of iPhone 4S Jailbreaking

by admin on February 1, 2014


Before discussing the benefits of untethered jailbreaking of iPhone 4S you should know about the concept of jailbreaking and its execution. In fact, initially iPhone 4S is supplied by Apple to its customers with restricted service functionality. Though you can use various apps available at Apple’s app stores but still you can use your handset in a very limited manner.

You can not use a number of other applications which are normally not available on the Appstores unless you break certain rules of Apple. The rules of Apple include:

Patching system files like SpringBoard
Apps are allowed to run in the background
Apps can be run only out of the “sandbox”
Simply doing things decided by Apple

Most of the people using various types of mobile phones and iPhones including iPhone 4S can not be satisfied with the limited amount of apps available on the Appstores so it becomes necessary to get them unlocked from the exclusive services of Apple. Breaking the rules of Apple or of any other service provider company is technically known as jailbreaking the mobile or iPhone 4S. The main benefit of iPhone 4S Jailbreaking is to release from the control of Apple. This jailbreaking allows the users to use their handsets for their personal benefits. Untetherd jailbreaking of iPhone 4S allows them to run the software and applications of their choice after getting free from the limitations imposed by Apple.

Benefits of iPhone 4S jailbreaking

Though untethered jailbreaking of iPhone 4S has a number of benefits but some of the main benefits are given hereunder.

Access to any Appstore: Users of the iPhones are allowed to access any app store of their choice after their jailbreaking. They can use a number of software and applications offered by various developers through these stores.

Freedom from Apple network: The freedom got after untethered jailbreaking of iPhone 4S enables their users to enjoy natural feeling of breaking the restrictions of Apple.

Access to various tools: The users of the iPhones including iPhone 4S are allowed to use a number of iPhone tools including calendar, communication, information and weather apps etc.

Change the service provider: You can change your service provider after jailbreaking your iPhone 4S. You can use the hotspot services of other service providers like connecting your iphones to iPad through WiFi.

Communicate with other through 3G network: After jailbreaking your iPhone 4s you can communicate with others using FaceBreak app which connects it through 3G network.

Using customized themes for your iPhone: You can make the interface of your iPhones more interesting and complicating by using a number of themes recommended by various appstores.

Change its default script style: The script style provided to your iPhone 4S can be changed after jailbreaking it.

Change the sound of voice utilities and Siri: If you turn off or reboot your iPhone after downloading ‘Any Voice’ app on it you can easily change the sound of Siri and ‘VoiceUtil’.

Thus you can be benefitted in a number of ways after jailbreaking your 4S iphones within minutes by using a step by step method. Go ahead, jailbreak your iPhone and get the most out of it.